Fractional Yacht Ownership - Questions

You are spending your vacations on an exceptionally spacious and luxurious family-friendly, luxury yacht. It has very high performance. You have all the pleasure of being the owner of a yacht with space equivalent to a 64′ performance Aicon yacht, but are paying only costs equivalent to owning a (roughly) fishing boat, and have no concerns about any of the administrative aspects of ownership – organizing mooring, maintenance, insurance etc. Unlike outright purchase of a boat of any size which involves large amounts of paperwork, a Saveene Fractional Ownership lets you “pay a year by year” if you wish.

No, it is quite different to timeshare. This is an Equity Ownership position, so fractional owners own the yacht outright. Timeshare is based on fixed periods of usage while Saveene fractional owners can choose when they want to use their yacht. To make it possible for all owners to equally enjoy in all seasons, we have made a schedule that consists of 4 slots of 2 weeks during a year for each owner. This yacht will have only 5 owners, and each will posses 20% of this asset.

Each owner with one fifth share will be able to use the yacht for up to eight weeks per year and benefit from any charter income. Since most people typically use their yacht on average less than five weeks per year, fractional ownership helps to match cost with actual usage time.

A Saveene Fractional Ownership program is suitable for most people who plan to take yacht cruising holidays for the next few years. It is ideal for those who do not want the financial obligation of regular purchase of a yacht for their limited likely usage. Anyone who occasionally has chartered for a couple of weeks a year but would like to enjoy in a yacht more will find it very useful and affordable as it provides much greater certainty of quality standards, etc. 

A share in a Saveene Aicon would be absolutely ideal for a family that has been struggling buying a smaller yacht of equivalent cost for their sole use, but who find that the size, layout and facilities on board such a boat would not be right for their circumstances. Not to mention that Saveene manages all day to day operations and needs involved with owning a yacht.

Saveene Aicon is an Aicon 64 foot yacht that posses all certificates, warranties and documentations needed for one boat to be released to cruise. Saveene maintains the boat on the annual basis, so no headaches for owners.

Saveene has full management in house as mentioned earlier, in case that you know your schedule and that you wont be using your boat for a certain time slot, we may charter it for you since we have 2 more yachts who are the part of a yacht club membership program.

Yes, you can meet the team and key management. all that you need to do is to navigate to contact us page and schedule a meeting or a conference call where you will meet and discuss with seniors.