Financial & Lifestyle

Fractional Ownership

You're not sure how you will benefit out of being a part of fractional ownership?

Here is HOW!

General Benefits

  • Enjoy a better yacht -Own a yacht with a higher specification than you could buy alone for the same cost. 
  • Retain complete control – Keep the same control as you’d have with your own yacht. 
  • Flexible usage and costs
  • If you’re too busy to use your yacht, let family or friends use it  
  • Protect your interests
  • Transparent operational and financial reporting, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Forget about ownership chores
  • We take care of maintenance, crew management, logistics and all the other downsides.

Financial Benefits

• There are just five shares. Members can buy more than one share.
• Members are the sole parties to an agreement to share ownership and use of the yacht.
• Once all five shares are sold, Saveene only supplies services on a renewable annual contract.
• The due-diligence process is simple due to complete transparency.

• Being a part of a fractional ownership means less initial capital needed to acquire desired yacht
• The price per member is the turn-key yacht divided by five (20%).
• The down payment to reserve a share is $195,000.

• Costs to run the yacht are spread between 5 owners, with transparency
• Income from chartering unused time is shared in the same way. Less use means more income to set against your cost share.

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Enjoy wide room – The Saveene Princess has multiple entertainment areas, including a separate dining room, a huge salon and vast deck areas.
  • Optimize your space – Choose the best cabin layout for your trip and for more comfort. 
  • Relax – Float, swim, or paddle off the stern ‘beach’ using easy-to-launch super-toys ! If relaxing is more your style take your time and relax. 
  • Feel like at home –
    Your personal touch will be plain to see throughout the yacht, from your own décor to family photos.